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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Broad Corporation,China and A Short Piece on Patriotism

1.   This Sunday afternoon I happened to come across a BBC World Feature program "Sky is the Limit" that showcased the growth of Broad Corporation, which specializes in sustainable air conditioning and prefabricated sustainable building structures.

2.  Founded in 1988, his group had built up a 15 story hotel in six days and caught world attention.The program showcased work philosophy of Mr Zhang Yue, who is the founder and chairman of the Broad Group. What caught my attention were certain aspects of his recruitment policy and work culture.

(a)   The aspirants intending to join this group undergo a two week military drill/ training course as part of the selection/orientation program.

(b)   The group has an anthem, composed by the Chairman himself that calls for loyalty to the group, prosperity for the clients, love for China-their motherland and above all sustainable development for the Mother Earth.

(c)   The group strives to make its employees put in that extra effort to master the mundane and boring intricacies of engineering science that will make them beat their own timelines and become world class in whatever they pursue. 

(d)   Not only does the group believe in a happy work place to cater for the various requirements of its employees in house, it also has a community service based organic farming system in place to meet the demands for the in  house food chains.

3. Most of the above mentioned points would indicate the private megalomania of a successful entrepreneur, However when one realizes that in 2013, this group undertook a seven and a half month schedule to build the world's tallest tower-the 838 METER/220 FLOOR SKY CITY-ONE BUILDING, ONE CITY. The project got stuck up with clearances yet the group managed to build a 57 story Mini Sky City. So not only is Mr Yue a man with a vision, he knows how to turn them to reality.

4. The Lessons in Patriotism

(a)  The man may aspire to be  world class, yet he has his feet firmly planted in China. He  uses patriotism and the Chinese way of life as the binder to keep his flock together.

(b)  Any starry eyed individual who joins the Broad Corporation does not do it fior the awe of its Chairman, but for the higher aim of being a part of sustainable development and for serving the nation.

(c)  The perks and privileges are not what draws talent, it is the pride in the Chinese example of Corporate ethos that draws talent.

(d)  It is not the sense of individual achievement that drives their employees, but the sense of responsibility as a community, is what I found remarkable.

5. The Indian Context.

(a)  A private organisation imparting military training would be enough to raise heckles here, getting the clearances for a 838 meter building based on untried technology may be another impossibility, so these may be left out of the purview.

(b)  As our individual gains make us hop from one branch to the other for want of better opportunities, why can we not imbibe a sense of belonging, togetherness, love for the organisation, patriotic fervor and responsibility towards the Mother Earth in the organisations that we serve. Why do we allow the Indian way of economic transactions be relegated to the lowest priority in a mad rush to ape the Western models.

Why cant we simply harness the strength that is within us as individuals and as a community for the betterment of our organisations and our nation

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